CoherentRx Inc. is a technology company operating in the consumer healthcare engagement space.

CoherentRx is a privately held company based in Birmingham, Michigan. Our board is comprised of influential leaders in health insurance and consumer-facing technology.

Since 2013, the company has worked with healthcare thought-leaders to develop patient engagement and education solutions that seamlessly adapt to clinical workflows, effectively engage patients, and improve the efficiency and financial stability of health systems.


CoherentRx launched Patient Education Genius in the summer of 2017.

Patient Education Genius is designed to promote improved health engagement and improved interoperability between healthcare data platforms – specifically, healthcare provider EHRs and health plan member management systems.




Praise for Patient Education Genius

"I have two goals: to educate patients and to improve the health system-patient relationship. From what I have seen so far, both goals are being accomplished. Patients learn and they love getting information this way. It's a win-win."

Paul Christensen, MD, Beaumont Health, Michigan


"The CoherentRx medical app is onto something with their line-up of patient education apps. The quality of the education materials are outstanding and easy to share with patients."

MedPage Today


"High quality patient education materials from reputable sources."

MedPage Today




"A great resource"



"...powerful tools... I applaud CoherentRx on making an Orthopedic app that has the potential to improve patient comprehension and education"

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"App of the Week"

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The resources in their… app may very well keep patients out of the ER and hospital.”


Patients rated overall satisfaction with information and materials received via [Patient Education Genius] higher (97%) compared to traditional education delivery (87%).
— Michigan Hospital Study, April 2016


Praise for Past CoherentRx Projects

CoherentRx's past projects include the ePrognosis Cancer Screening App and collaborations with the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine to create the UCSF Neuro Exam Tutor and UCSF MSK Exam Tutor.


ePrognosis Shared Decision-Making App

"This medical app is educational for both provider and patient and will help many of us in primary care have an intelligent conversation with our patients regarding the potential benefits and harms of cancer screening."


"Great information to use to talk to the patients and talk to their families"


"Fabulous user interface with highly useful pictographs for use at the POC with patients/families."


"A necessity for any provider who cares for older patients & orders cancer screening tests"



UCSF Neuro Exam Tutor

"Excellent and useful app... a great way to stay up to date"

App Review, App Store

"Awesome app... a wonderful way to learn the neuro exam. A must for every med student!"

App Review, App Store


UCSF MSK Exam Tutor

"Great app with clear videos, reasonable pricing and strong references"


"A great resource... this app is fantastic"


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