16 Apps Targeting Patient Education Pitfalls

AS OF MARCH 17, 2017 CoherentRx has developed 16 free mobile apps for clinicians and admins alike. With evidence-based patient education materials, 3D anatomy and digital delivery tools, the apps are built for healthcare specialists who embrace innovation and simplicity.

"We're music lovers, and we like to think about Patient Education Genius as a service not unlike Spotify or iTunes – it's one interface that gives clinicians access to all of the world's best patient education,” says Zach Smith, VP of Product. “The mobile apps that we release for free are sort of like our ‘hit singles’ in a way – a sample of our full catalog.”

The full Patient Education Genius library boasts 50,000 educational titles which are available to all paid users. Android and iOS users can sample the Genius for free by downloading any of the 16 specialty-specific apps available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

“Because these free mobile ‘sample’ apps are super useful point-of-care tools in their own right, we're able to demonstrate the Patient Education Genius’s value in a really tangible way,” says Smith. “We find that a lot of the folks who use our mobile apps reach out to us about the full Patient Education Genius product and EHR integration and the like."

As the year marches on, CoherentRx will continue to release free “sample” apps tailored to specialties and conditions lacking accessible patient education content. The current suite of free mobile apps includes: