Digital Natives Prefer a Personal Touch

Hello! Shelby is taking a well-deserved break, so am your Point of Care guest blogger for the week.

While millennials are often characterized as screen-obsessed, staring slack-jawed at their Instagram and Snapchat feeds, recent reports reveal that millennials are more likely than other generations to look beyond their devices for medical information and care.

According to the Transamerica Center for Health Studies, only 5% of millennials rely on the internet as their primary source for health information. In fact, according to a recently released survey by Vitals, these digital natives are more likely than their Generation X elders to turn to their healthcare team for information about their health.

Like Baby Boomers, millennials are apt to engage in an open and personal dialogue with their doctor. Where Generation Xers are generally more distrustful of their doctor, millennials respect their healthcare provider’s authority.

So what is the overall trend? While healthcare – and in particular, patient engagement – is rapidly digitizing, the personal connection between clinicians and their patients is not fading to the background. To the contrary, for millennials, what happens at the point of care is only becoming more important.

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