5 Steps to Building a Patient Education Program

In the race for healthcare buzzword of the year, “patient engagement” is right up there with “interoperability.” But all the buzz around patient engagement has turned it into an ambiguous catch phrase.

Creating a system to “boost patient engagement” can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. It’s easier to approach it from another perspective: addressing daily patient education practices.

This week, we bring you five steps the ModernMedicine Network has deemed necessary to building an effective patient education program:


  1. Create a process to verify that patients understand the information they receive

  2. Designate a staff member to field feedback and clarify treatment instructions

  3. Allow time to ask questions to better understand patients and adjust care plans

  4. Account for different learning styles with diverse approaches to education

  5. Track data from patient visits and record detailed documentation


Now that it’s been broken down into concrete tasks, a solid patient education program can be your first step to improving your patient engagement efforts. As for interoperability... we’ll tackle that another time.

Take care.