Nurses Are the Gateway to Patient Engagement Technology Adoption

AN APPLE A DAY keeps the doctor away.”  

What about an app? That’s where nurses bring their A-game.

A new study on how patient engagement technology improves nursing workflows suggests that nurses may be the crux of patient education tech adoption.

By incorporating new technology into the initial patient assessment, nurses have been educating patients on health outcomes, as well as the tools they can use to research and track them. The Journal of Medical Internet Research reported findings from its qualitative interviews with nurses on their technology implementation strategies.

“[One nurse] encouraged her patients to review medications and disease information specific to them as a starting ground for patient teaching,” the researchers wrote. “This nurse reported that after watching the videos, the communication was enhanced because patients had preliminary baseline teaching, which allowed for more interactive communication.”

Standard patient education methods haven't been able to achieve the type of long-term engagement being seamlessly integrated by the nurses in these studies.

Researchers are in agreement that even the most revolutionary technology is nothing without a staff onboard to properly apply it. What's clear to us now, is that nurses hold the keys to the future of healthcare technology. 

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