Practical Innovation: Delivering Value in Volume

The focus on value-based healthcare is a vital step toward universally improving patient experiences and patient outcomes. As critical as it is to maximize value, it is important to remember that healthcare will, by necessity, always be a volume-driven industry. As life expectancy continues to increase, the healthcare industry will be charged with servicing more and more patients. How do we increase value without reducing the system's capacity for handling volume?

Our answer? Smart, practical innovation.


Patient Education Genius was designed to deliver value without sacrificing volume. By seamlessly integrating into healthcare provider workflows (including their EHRs), and automating patient engagement and administrative tasks, Patient Education Genius improves the patient experience without taxing the healthcare value chain that delivers it. In fact, Patient Education Genius doesn't just improve the patient experience of healthcare: By automatically reducing administrative burden and effortlessly improving the quality of their care, it improves the provider's experience too. 

Here are just a few of the things that are possible with Patient Education Genius:


Find Education
with Patient Education Genius

Patient Education Genius connects healthcare providers with the largest library of patient education materials in the world. By aggregating world-class, always up-to-date materials in one easily searchable database, healthcare providers will be able to instantaneously access the materials most relevant to their patients at the point of care and discharge. 


Distribute Education
with Patient Education Genius

Patients want to engage with their healthcare providers the same way that they engage with all other services in their life: digitally. Using Patient Education Genius's secure messaging system, healthcare providers can deliver materials to their patients via text message or email in just one click. No downloads or passwords necessary. Patients can access their materials anytime, anywhere. 


Upload Your Own Materials
to Patient Education Genius

Like a "Dropbox for patient education," healthcare providers can upload anything they like to their Patient Education Genius account, and share those materials with their patients just one click. From surveys to facility maps to discharge instructions to "thank you" letters, Patient Education Genius makes it easy to deliver content of all types to patients. 


Track Patient Engagement
with Patient Education Genius

If you can't measure patient engagement, you can't improve patient engagement. That's why Patient Education Genius tracks how patients interact with any of the materials that they receive. Did they open their education? Did they review their discharge materials? Patient Education Genius gives its users practical, actionable insights about patients. 


Make Your Own Education
with Patient Education Genius

Using Patient Education Genius's robust content creation apps, healthcare providers can create and narrate their own narrate 3D anatomy "explainer" videos in 90 seconds or less. In addition to simplifying complex medical concepts, 3D anatomy videos –which can be shared with patients via text or email delivery – create a peerless patient experience, improving patient satisfaction and loyalty in the process. Here's an example of a provider-created 3D anatomy video. 


Manage Your Education
with Patient Education Genius

Patient Education Genius's intuitive content management system enables healthcare organizations of all sizes to standardize their patient education workflow across all service lines. Users can create folders of relevant materials, and "Favorite" the materials that they use the most. Standardization measurably reduces risk and improves quality of care.


Improve Patient Engagement
with Patient Education Genius

Patient Education Genius open rates far outpace patient portals. Through automated reminders, follow-up check-ins and other strategies...


Monitor Your Staff
with Patient Education Genius

Patient Education Genius's simple data dashboard enables healthcare management to monitor healthcare providers' patient engagement efforts. This new data source helps healthcare leaders make decisions and better manage their resources across the enterprise. 


Reduce Administrative Burden
with Patient Education Genius

No more filing cabinets, no more printers, no more copying machines. These outdated tools rob valuable time and energy from the healthcare value chain. Patient Education Genius's user-friendly, EHR-integrated dashboard enables healthcare providers to engage their patients in just one click – and automatically qualify for quality payment programs in the process.


Meet Compliance Requirements
with Patient Education Genius

Patient Education Genius automatically documents all patient engagement efforts in the EHR's patient record, providing evidence of education and engagement for federal and private "value-based" requirements.


Integrate into the EHR
with Patient Education Genius


Enlist Your Payors' Help
with Patient Education Genius