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One-Click Education Delivery Via Text Message and Email

Patients want to access health information the same way that they access everything else in their lives: online.

By sending education to patients via text message or email, you practice will not only save money on printing costs, but also improve patient engagement and satisfaction. 



No more paying for paper or dealing with tempermental printers. 

Instant Delivery

Patients receive their digital education materials instantly – and can access them from anywhere.  


Patient Education Genius users can send an unlimited number of materials to their patients; no additional charges or hidden fees.

Tracking, Reminders and Resending Education

With the Patient Education Genius, every patient education delivery is automatically documented and tracked. Whether your practice wants to demonstrate compliance with federal and payor mandates, or simple ensure that patients are understanding their care, the Tracking dashboard provides a snapshot of each patient's engagement. 


Automatic Reminders

If patients do not open their materials, they will automatically receive reminders until they do. 

One-Click Resends

If a patient hasn't opened their materials, resend them via text message or email with a click.  

Effortless Documentation

Every patient education delivery is automatically tracked on the Patient Education Genius Tracking dashboard. 

Easy Education Management

The Patient Education Genius is designed to make it easy to manage your patient education library. Using folders and favorites, you can easily manage the materials that you send to patients the most – you can even upload, organize, and send the discharge instructions, forms and other documents that are specific to your practice.


"Genius" Search

Using natural language processing, the Patient Education Genius's search instantly locates the materials most relevant to your patients.  

Folders and Favorites

The Patient Education Genius is designed to be familiar and easy to use. Create shortcuts to the materials you use the most in a matter of moments.  

Upload Your Documents

By uploading your own materials to your Patient Education Genius account, you're able to store all of your education in one place. Have a diagram you love? Now you can text it to your patients. 

Ready to change the way you educate patients?

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