Content Promotion for Medical Associations

Patient Education Genius links healthcare providers and their patients to a wide array of the nation’s leading medical associations and federal and state healthcare organization websites. Using natural language processing-based keyword extraction and "smart" relevancy adjustment technology, Patient Education Genius makes these powerful resources easier for healthcare providers to discover and utilize at the point of care.

Medical associations love working with us because, by driving clinician and patient traffic to their websites, Patient Education Genius promotes better circulation of the life-changing educational content these organizations have created. 

Does your medical association want to feature its world-class educational content on Patient Education Genius? We'd love to speak with you! 

Educational Institutions, Residents and Students

We offer discounts to medical schools and other educational institutions. Contact us for more details. 

Hospitals and health systems are eligible for discounted pricing for interns, residents, and fellows. Send us a note to learn more.

Content Sales

CoherentRx partners with for-profit companies who specialize in patient education content creation to help drive sales, distribution and usage of their world-class content.  

By unbundling their high-quality content and making it available via Patient Education Genius's easy-to-use storefront interface, these companies are able to reach a wider cross-section of clinical customers.

Does your patient education content creation company seek a new and innovative way to reach customers? We'd love to work with you. Contact us today!

Does your pharmaceutical, medical device, or diagnostic company have content it seeks to distribute to clinicians? Contact us for more information.