One search bar.
A world of patient education. 


What makes a Genius?

For the first time, you can access the world’s leading sources in patient education, all from one interface.

Educate every patient with content from every medical specialty, from trusted sources like the CDC and NIH.

The Genius cuts printers, portals and paperwork from your workflow so you can concentrate on treating your patients.



how it works

Find and favorite materials most relevant to your patients. It’s as easy as making a playlist.

Simply select one or more titles to send to your patients and their caregivers via text or email.

See which patients open their materials – it’s captured in the Genius Patient Dashboard.


“I have two goals: to educate patients and to improve the health system-patient relationship. From what I have seen so far, both goals are being accomplished. Patients learn and they love getting information this way. It’s a win-win.”
— Paul Christensen, MD, Beaumont Health, Michigan

Want to see the Patient Education Genius in action?

Frequently Asked Questions


Licenses start as low as $39 a month. Request a free quote, or call 888.244.0574 for more information on our free trial program.

Cancel anytime.

The Patient Education Genius is ready to go live in your health system immediately. Ask us about EHR integration.

The Patient Education Genius is designed to adapt to any technological infrastructure and workflow, including mobile, desktop and EHR systems.

It’s smarter.

No need for printers or publishers. Digital delivery saves time and money.

One interface connects you to the leading sources of healthcare education.

Easy access to over 50,000 education materials covering every medical specialty.

Educate every patient, every time. Then, track their engagement from your device.

It's faster.

Shorter consultations means a more productive staff.

Find materials easily and share them instantly.

Build a favorites folder to quickly access your most-used materials.

Deliver materials to patients via email or text.