For over five years, the Genius Video Services team has collaborated with the nation's leading researchers, clinicians, health systems, medical schools, marketing teams and pharmaceutical companies to make dynamic, medically accurate educational videos.


Engage Patients, Students & Customers

Genius animations are effective in a number of different settings:

  • Medical education 
  • Patient education
  • Webinars
  • Website content
  • TV commercials
  • Research projects and studies



Versatile & Effective

Your video – featuring 3D anatomy animations, professional voiceover, engaging graphic design, and your organization's branding – can be used in tandem with the Patient Education Genius, or hosted on your website, your social media page, or anywhere else it will make an impact. 



Medically Accurate 3D

Our industry-leading 3D anatomy is based on real MRI scans of the human body. Whether you would like to explain complex medical procedures or simplify emerging diagnoses, our medically accurate animations will engage and enlighten your patients, students or customers.  

Pre-procedural video-based patient education can improve satisfaction as much as 14%, while also increasing patients’ feelings of preparedness by up to 17% and reducing anxiety by up to 22%.
— J Am Coll Surg. 2012

Our Process


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